Political Scheming and Reckless
Journalism have never placed
America on the brink of Nuclear
Until Now!

An International Thriller
A Novel by  
Jonathan Michael
Just Released!
It is September 2008. Retired F-16 fighter-pilot Justin Sween is conducting his
final expedition as a
National Geographic field guide, after sustaining a grievous
wound on his previous assignment in Africa. The plunge from Mach II to inertia,
and the journey back, is proving a disobliging road taken at unpredictable speeds.
He is ready to retreat from the world. Shadowy operatives in Washington DC,
however, are plotting a more nefarious endgame to his career, to sway the outcome
of a looming international crisis in their political favor.

Five US Navy Carrier Strike Groups are racing toward Iran before its messianic
leader can initiate the “End of Days.” As tensions mount, a classified detail about
the military’s war plan is leaked to the
Washington Post-- an Air Force Academy
cadet drafted it a decade ago. When the Pentagon stumbles in refuting this
sketchy claim, the media inspired
CadetGate scandal soon leads to Sween, and he
is zealously hunted through Europe by enemies, foreign and domestic alike …

…Sween also has allies seeking his safe return. Among them is Aferdita Kavalle,
a counter-terrorism analyst with the National Security Agency. She is a woman
from his past, hoping to rekindle their erstwhile relationship without betraying
professional allegiances or the pillars of her Islamic faith. When she intercepts
encrypted communiqués that Iranian
Pasdaran agents are in America to assassinate
a head of state attending the UN General Assembly, her life is imperiled. Powerful
figures in the US government are determined to let the terrorists succeed, believing
it will deter the coming war. At the end of a bloody trail littered with intrigue and
betrayal, a momentous decision that will decide the fate of nations will fall solely
on the shoulders of Justin Sween.